Molly Neuhauser

Glass found me and at the time I needed it most. As a began to craft this obscure material, curiosity became obsession. Growing with ferocity, this passion is my soul fire. Natural forces and ancient tools give a glassblower the ability to breathe life into form. This fluid gesture is freedom.

I was raised in Morton, Illinois. I grew up training as a competitve gymnast, learning discipline and the symbiosis of self-growth and teamwork. My parents, Tim and Faith, supported my growing imagination by providing craft supplies, a helping hand and years of traveling as a family.

I discovered blown glass while studying Art History at Illinois State University. At first contact I was captivated by the lively material. My background in historical studies (specifically the Roman Empire) created the need to learn and master the sacred craft of glassblowing. After luckily stumbling into J.Draper Glass, I found my hot shop home to evolve and create. Glass education continues under the mentorship of Jeremie Draper and Brandie Centi-Fislar, assisting both artist, instructing classes and manageing the J Draper Glass Gallery. 

I have a passion for family roots, antiques, female empowerment and all living things. Translating these values into my work by incorporating found objects into sculptural glass pieces, making historically based functional art and seeking strength in vulnerability with glass as a glowing guide 

Abstract Surface