I live and work in rural Havana, Illinois where I was born. I started drawing at an early age. When I was 7,my first paintings were published in the local newspaper. I took private lessons and studied art throughout my school years. Since then I've experimented with many different aspects of art. My current work revolves primarily around more natural, organic themes, and found objects.


Among my favorite artists are Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Georgia O'Keefe.


My work has been shown in many shows and galleries in Illinois and New York and in collection throughout many states in the US nd internationally in the Republic of Tonga.

Natural organic shapes and forms are a common theme of my work. I believe that (from our own point of perspective) we are all interconnected with everything in the world. I am intrigued by how specific objects can take on color normally associated with another objects. A piece of wood with lichens can take on the color and look like the patina on an old piece of copper, just as deteriorating bone can look like corroded metal or sun bleached driftwood.

I hope my work opens the eyes of the viewer so they can see the details of nature that they may otherwise pass by, to really look at things around them. I seek to help people understand that art is nature & nature is art, and together both enhance and enlighten the human spirit. 

Rick Noble