Michael Boehl

I love engaging in the act of creating something that has never existed through the medium of oil painting.Each work is a collective of experiences, my own and that of the viewer, both coming together in unexpected and insightful ways!

Contemporary realist oil painter whose work includes various subjects, including portraiture, figurative, still life, sci-fi/fantasy, and master studies. A graduate of the Evolve online art program founded by Kevin Murphy and now working as an instructor and mentor with students currently enrolled in the program. Michael has opened an Art Academy in Havana Illinois.

A native of Havana who has recently moved back to the area from a young age, Maichael has always wanted to create art, finding early inspiration to draw after a childhood friend introduced him to his first comic book.

Micahel's work has been exhibitied locally in the Central Illinois area and virtually online, including the Richeson School of Art & Gallery.